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What you didn't know about your wedding day // Colorado Wedding Planner

Sara Brown


Very early on in the planning process, I tell my couples that come wedding week, their sole job is to relax and celebrate. Whether they choose to book the week-of package, full planning or something in between, this is unarguably the case. I would not have it any other way.

I often hear my couples say that they feel "calm" the week of their wedding. "Relaxed," they'll say. "Grounded". I call this a mission accomplished.

What my couples don't know is that it takes work - and my comprehensive understanding of their wishes - for them to feel this way! Weddings are events that I liken to living things - moving, breathing things. Things come up. Things goes awry. Weather happens. Plans must be flexible.

I love my role as a wedding planner because many times, I can squelch even the larger surprises and my couples remain none the wiser.

This week I had the pleasure of looking back at an amazingly wonderful season full of successful weddings and happy couples. As I did, I could not help but remember some of the... er... more unexpected twists. I laughed (mostly).

Ever wonder what problems your wedding planner fixed that you didn't even know about? Well, here you go.

To my lovely 2015 newlyweds: Something on this list happened at YOUR day. Yes, your day. I selected a favorite blooper from each wedding this summer.

My favorite part? I bet you have no idea which mishap was yours!

Serving dishes didn't arrive in rental order. 

A young guest was overcome with altitude sickness and needed a ride home. Stat.

 A centerpiece caught on fire.

There was a dead bird in the ceremony field the morning of the wedding, smack dab in the middle of the aisle. Feathers. Everywhere.

Rentals arrived broken and dirty.

A bartender's pants split 5 minutes before cocktail hour.

Power repeatedly shorted.

Catering's oven wouldn't fit in the elevator up to the rooftop reception.

Forks were left in catering's kitchen by mistake.

Dessert forks were accidentally overlooked by catering. (What's with forks?).

The couple's dog - who was also the ring bearer - almost got hit by a car during rehearsal (I kid you not, I jumped in the street and saved a dog's life).

Cue wind, rain, hail, general stormy goodness.

There was that lovely pile of animal droppings at the cocktail hour site.

Bar's ice melted at record speeds. Warm drinks in June? #nothankyou.

One wedding ran out of mixers at the bar. Another, whiskey. Not on my watch!

Bride's hairpiece was left in her suite.

"The Eucalyptus Incident"... I'm not ready to talk about this yet. Still. Recovering. 

A major construction project started in the selected photo location.

A sweet bridesmaid panicked at the end of the aisle when she remembered the gum in her mouth. What else do I need a hand for?;)

I hope you enjoyed... I'm sure laughing!