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Friday Floral: Protea Inspiration

Sara Brown

King Protea:  Source

King Protea: Source

If you've talked to me lately about any wedding topic, chances are I’ve found a way to weasel some chat about proteas into the conversation.

"Oh, you're looking for a DJ? Have you thought about putting a protea on his stand?"

"You know what I'm thinking would be a great addition to your wedding website? A picture of a protea."

"Let's find a protea flavored signature drink. Proteas for everyone!"

Seriously though, I’m pretty much smitten by these guys.

There are more than 130 varieties of these beauties and I love them because they walk a tension of bold yet simple. They play nice with a variety of other flowers - think succulents to tulips to hydrangeas to spider mums to greenery galore. And, they seem to accomplish a ‘rustic, woodsey’ look that so many Colorado brides are going for.

See how they can steal the show all on their own?



Here they are paired with a variety of other buds including peonies, tulips, succulents and even orchids. Is there anything a protea stem can't do? No. 

And don't even get me started on personal florals! These bouquets are literally to die for.

Have a lovely weekend!