Emily + Nick I Denver Wedding Planner

Today I give you a blog post about two of my favorite things - weddings and Mexican food.

And, as we pray for spring here in Denver, I'm pretty darn excited to relive this breezy summer wedding that took place on the rooftop of Tamayo, a gourmet Mexican restaurant on Larimer Street.

Emily and Nick came to me like so many couples do - organized, detail oriented, decisions made, in love and ready to get married. They wanted their wedding day to be a celebration of not only their marriage, but also their family and friends, the people who brought them to this place. They didn't feel that asking mom to assist with set up accomplished this vision.

We met. Emily explained that in her family, cake is the most important element of any party. Actually, I think she said that she wanted the day to be, and I quote, a "cake fest". So, now we had weddings, Mexican food and cake. I was pretty much in love.

I also admired their desire to have a wedding that reflected them. They weren't afraid to thoughtfully forget tradition and create their own, so long as it was a better fit. My favorite part of their day was the ceremony; they asked friends and family members to share a poem, memory, quote, even song. The thoughts that were shared about the spirit of this couple were moving.

I could go on and on about this wonderful day, but I'll let the photos take it from here. Thank you to the lovely Amanda Baker Photography for capturing everything so well! 

See what I mean about the cake fest? Right there in writing, my friends.

Can we please for a moment talk about Emily's gorgeous mint green wedding gown? Seriously swoon-worthy.

I love the way Nick is looking at his bride here:)