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Sara Brown I Owner and Lead Planner

Hi, I'm Sara. A gal who runs on lots of coffee, plenty of support from my family and friends, good reads, to-do lists and just enough wine to keep things real. My favorite book is The Kite Runner, and I couldn't go a day without the Iron and Wine station on Pandora. When I'm not busy planning weddings, I love fresh mountain air in my lungs and a perfect powder day. 

For me, Sara Brown Weddings is a labor of love. It all began with a seven year old little girl on Surfview Court in the middle of the map, Missouri. All those years ago I planned a neighborhood carnival with the kids on my block. At that, I was hooked. I went on to snatch up every event planning opportunity I could get my hands on, and in 2008 officially began my career in the wedding and events industry. Since then, I've had the joy of planning hundreds of weddings, parties and fundraisers from San Francisco to Boston and most cities in between.

When Sara Brown Weddings was born, I knew I wanted this little wedding planning company of mine to be different, to represent not only a love for flawless logistics and pretty details, but also a desire for deep, meaningful relationship. I believe that a wedding day should reflect the spirit of what's to come - a beautiful, happy and inspired marriage.

I'm currently accepting weddings in the Colorado front range.

Hobbies: Nothing beats snuggling up with a good book (except maybe a good craft project)
Favorite City: Paris stole my heart but Amsterdam is a close second
Can't Live Without: Coffee, obviously;)
Current Obsession: Amazon Prime. A prime box appears on my doorstep most days, much to my husband's dismay.
Dream Vacation Spot: Hawaii is next on my bucket list!
Favorite Saturday Activity: Exploring a new trail or Colorado town with my husband and son
My happy place is... Weekend brunch with my husband on our back patio. He makes a killer egg skillet!


Kayli Brooks I Assistant Planner

Hobbies: Hiking, biking, coffee-drinking and crafting

Favorite City: Chicago (to the disappointment of my Wisconsinite fiancé) 

Can't Live Without: Music....and coffee ;)

Current Obsession: Succulents and curing my black thumb

Dream Vacation Spot: Anywhere in Europe...but preferably eastern Europe, backpacking/hostel style.

Favorite Saturday Activity: Hiking, farmer's markets, and napping in hammocks

My happy place is...Allegro Coffee or in a hammock in the mountains


Kimberly Fine I Assistant Planner

Hobbies: Traveling, exploring new places, reading

Favorite City: We recently moved to Denver because we thought it was pretty great. :)

Can't Live Without: Ice Cream

Current Obsession: Last summer I started a capsule wardrobe for each season (life changing!), but now I'm obsessed with finding ethical fashion lines to update my capsule to be more consumer conscious. 

Dream Vacation Spot: Anywhere on a beach, book in one hand and a frozen drink in the other

Favorite Saturday Activity: You'll catch me hiking with my hubs somewhere along the front range.

My happy place is... outside, most usually soaking up free time on my back patio


Laura McCasland I Assistant Planner

Hobbies: I love spending time with my friends and family, hiking, camping, playing sports, cooking and playing games.

Favorite City: Denver

Can't Live Without: Coffee!

Current Obsession: I just got a Fit Bit and I absolutely love it. It’s like playing a game against yourself every day.

Dream Vacation Spot: Croatia or Greece. I'm hopefully visiting both in the next year.

Favorite Saturday Activity: Hiking with friends and my dog Lolo.

My happy place is... where my nieces and nephew are. :)